Water Management and Mitigation Services

De-watering Services

In Logan, Utah, and the wider Northern Utah area, Rockwell Construction Inc. offers specialized de-watering services to prepare construction sites by removing excess water. Our advanced techniques, including wellpoint dewatering, sump pumping, and trench draining, ensure a dry and stable foundation for any construction project. This service is essential for managing high groundwater levels or areas prone to significant rainfall, facilitating safe and efficient construction operations.

Spring and Creek Diversion

Rockwell Construction is adept at the sensitive task of spring and creek diversion, enabling construction projects to proceed without disrupting the natural watercourses in Logan and surrounding areas. Our approach minimizes environmental impact and adheres to regulatory requirements, ensuring that local ecosystems are protected. This service is critical for projects located near natural water bodies, ensuring that construction activities do not harm local flora and fauna.

Ground Water Mitigation

In regions like Logan and Cache Valley, effective groundwater management is key to preventing flooding and water damage during construction. Rockwell Construction’s groundwater mitigation services are designed to address these challenges, employing strategies such as subsurface drainage systems and barriers to control groundwater flow. This proactive approach ensures that construction projects are protected from potential water-related issues, maintaining project timelines and budgets.

ground water mitigation
Managing surface water runoff

Runoff Diversion

Managing surface water runoff is crucial for preventing erosion and water damage at construction sites, especially in areas with heavy rainfall or snowmelt. Rockwell Construction offers comprehensive runoff diversion services in Logan and Northern Utah, utilizing techniques like swales, berms, and drainage channels to effectively redirect water away from construction areas. This not only protects the site but also contributes to the sustainability of the local environment.

Settling Ponds

For projects that require the management of sediment-laden water, Rockwell Construction constructs settling ponds, an effective solution for removing sediments before water is discharged back into the environment. This service is particularly important in Logan, Utah, where preserving water quality and adhering to environmental regulations is paramount. Settling ponds are a key component of our water management strategy, ensuring that construction activities have a minimal impact on local water bodies.

Settling Ponds

Each of these services underscores Rockwell Construction Inc.’s commitment to environmental stewardship, safety, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that our projects in Logan, Utah, and the surrounding areas are executed with the highest standards of quality and care.

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