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Professional Excavation

Rockwell Construction Inc. is your go-to for professional excavation services in Cache Valley, Utah. From land grading and concrete prep to foundations and retaining walls, our skilled team handles it all with precision and efficiency. If you’re seeking timely, friendly, and expert excavation contractors, you’re in the right place with us.

Rock, Block and Concrete Retaining Walls

Rockwell Construction Inc. excels in bringing your Rock, Block, and Concrete Retaining Wall ideas to life. Whether it’s repairing an old wall or building a new one, we offer customized solutions that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our expert team ensures each project enhances your property’s stability and beauty, turning your vision into a durable and attractive reality.

Building Foundations

Rockwell Construction Inc. specializes in meticulously digging foundations tailored to the exact specifications of your home or building. We understand that quality is paramount in foundation work, and we are committed to a thorough, step-by-step process that guarantees the longevity and stability your project demands. With us, every foundation is built on a bedrock of precision and reliability, ensuring your structure stands on a solid and enduring base.


Concrete Prep and Flatwork

At Rockwell Construction Inc., our expertise in Concrete Prep and Flatwork is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. We recognize that the secret to a flawless, enduring concrete surface lies in the precision of its preparation. Our approach goes beyond just achieving a smooth finish; we meticulously prepare the ground, ensuring it is perfectly leveled, compacted, and stabilized. This foundational work is crucial in preventing future cracking and maintaining the slab’s structural integrity.

Demolition + Removal

Rockwell Construction Inc. specializes in quick and efficient demolition services. This involves the safe and effective tearing down of buildings, structures, or any other constructions that need to be removed. Rockwell Conntruction Utah employs advanced techniques and machinery to ensure that the demolition process is not only fast but also conducted with the utmost safety and minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.


Landscape Drainage

Ensure the safety and longevity of your home, land, or garden with Rockwell Construction Inc.’s expert landscape drainage solutions. Our services are particularly crucial in managing the extreme weather conditions of winter and summer, preventing water accumulation and soil erosion. By implementing strategic drainage systems, we protect your property from water damage, safeguarding its beauty and structural integrity. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable landscape drainage that keeps your outdoor spaces healthy and resilient all year round.

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