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Professional Excavation

Land grading, concrete prep, and trampoline holes to foundations, retaining walls and boulders - we can do it all. If you're looking for professional, timely and friendly excavation contractors near Cache Valley, Utah you're looking in the right place!

Rock, Block and Concrete Retaining Walls

We want to turn your landscaping and retaining wall ideas into a reality! Repair old walls or build a new one, the choices are yours!

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Building Foundations

We dig foundations according to your home or building's exact specs. This is a project where quality is key and we won't skip steps to ensure your foundation will have the longevity it needs.

Concrete Prep and Flatwork

Using good finishing techniques will make a slab look good for a while, but properly preparing the ground will keep it crack-free for much longer.

Demolition + Removal

Quick and easy demolition and removal will prepare your space for your new project.

Landscape Drainage

Keep your home, land or garden safe with proper water drainage. Especially in the harsh winter and summer weather.

Let us bring your vision to life.

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Our Full List of Services

Looking for something not on this list? Give us a call to find out if it’s a service we offer.

Where are our service areas?

We serve all of Northern Utah from the Ogden, Utah to Bear Lake, Idaho. View our full service areas below.

Ogden, Utah
  • Tremonton, Utah
  • Brigham City, Utah
  • Pleasant View, Utah
  • South Willard, Utah
  • Ogden, Utah
Cache Valley, Utah
  • Smithfield, Utah
  • North Logan, Utah
  • Logan, Utah
  • Providence, Utah
  • Hyrum, Utah
Bear Lake, Utah Area
  • Garden City, Utah
  • Laketown, Utah
  • Fish Haven, Utah
  • St. Charles, Utah
  • Paris, Utah